Thursday, April 2, 2009

Days two, three and four of our Remodel

Day 2 was kind of a slow moving day for me. The guys were busy with wiring lights and patching drywall. I did a little painting but for the most part, not a real busy day.
Definately not like day 1!!
Here is Jordy way back in the attic pulling wires for outlets and lighting. Chris had to pull some of the beads out of the way so we could see him. When Jordy came down I told him he looked like a snowman. He was covered in these white insulation beads and Megan had to vacum them off. I think I am going to be finding these damn beads in my house for the next month.

Day 3 had a little more action. We tore out the sink and toilet in the 1/2 bath right off of the kitchen. Chris was excited when we went to the store a few weeks back to pick out his new throne. The guy at the store told him that this new toilet would flush a small child. This must be a man thing because he is telling everyone that his new toilet can flush a small child! Yikes!!

We had alot of discussion on where to place the can lights, but after much discussion and me losing a battle of having a light in the middle of the dining room area, Chris got to work on cutting the holes in the ceiling.

Day 4 was much more active than the last two days.
Paul got started early with spraying the drywall texture on the ceiling.

Megan and I finally got to start some painting. We both like to paint so it was fun to get this started. Also, it makes you realize how far we have come. Of course Megan had to pose for the camera. She is so much like her Dad. I have so many pictures of Chris posing for the camera and stopping to make a silly grin.

Just after we finished lunch I saw a semi coming down the road with our new applicances.
Now, this was an exciting moment for me.
A girl has to have all new applicances with a new kitchen right?
Thank goodness it was a nice day and the snow quit for a while. Hopefully it is all done!
Here is a sneak peak at the flooring that we started in the afternoon of day 4.
I told you it was a busy day.

That's all I have for now.
Tomorrow we have another busy day and hopefully I can show you some finished pictures soon.
Gotta go back to work. I have alot to do before this day is over.


Emmerichs Events said...

Wow! It is looking so nice. I can't wait to see it all finished.

Anonymous said...

So what are you doing with the old appliances????

~Heather :)

Jules said...

It looks so different. I can't wait to see it. I'm sad to see the cool orange and yellow colors go....

Anonymous said...

Looks great, i will be down Friday evening to see it in person. Hands off the appliances Heather, they are mine:)


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, GET BACK TO WORK.