Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Mexico Trip

We went to New Mexico for the guys to go on a Mule deer hunt. Chris' step-sister and I went along just for a get-away vacation. And boy was it ever. After the LONG ride down there Mona and I just sat back and relaxed. No phone, no TV, no radio. While the guys were out looking for deer we kept ourselves busy with reading, talking and walking around the ranch. We all went out for some 4-wheeler rides on the 200 some acres that the ranch owner had. There sure is some beautiful sceanry out there. It was breathtaking and I am sure my amature pictures do not do any of justice. Here are just a few of the many pictures I took.

Chris did allot of this. He was allways glassin' for that big buck.

And, he got one, but it was no huge trophy. Not for out west anyway.
But, he was still happy to come home with something.
We also saw allot of cattle at the ranch where we stayed.

This was the whole crew that went on the morning that we left.
We all had allot of fun and will maybe do it again someday.