Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Windows

We put some new windows in the house. I really love them!! This is the old bay window that was in the living room. We decided to not put a bay window back in. After the window came out we saw alot of nasty hornets nests. Chris REALLY hates hornets. I think he must have had a bad experience with a hornet or bee at some time in his life because he really goes nuts when they are around. I remember one time when I was a kid I was outside with my mom and she was hanging clothes on the line and then a hornet was buzzing around me and she started to chase me with a broom to swat the hornet. I'm sure there is more to the story but this is all I can remember.

This is how the new window looks from the inside and yes, it was raining when we were putting in the windows.

Next came the trim. After we sprayed them with the varnish stuff they had to dry. So where do you put all this trim to dry? Well you lean it all against the house of course!!
Our poor bikes are just yelling at us to ride them!! Not until all the work is done!!

Visit to Munson Bridge

A few weekends ago we finally went to Munson Bridge Winery. I have been waiting to go there for over a year now, and guess only took me 10 minutes to get there!!! Now that is pretty pathetic. I loved it there. I actually asked the owner guy if he rented rooms cuz I wanted to live there. Jannelle and I split a case of wine so now we are in the case club. I am not really sure what this means, but I guess it is quite an honor. We are both wine lovers.