Monday, December 6, 2010

Packers and.....

We went to our first Packer game this past weekend.  It was a very cold day but we dressed for the chilly  weather and I am glad to say that I did not get cold at all. The outfit that I had to wear to accomplish this was not the most stylish outfit, but it did get the job done.  Chris has two hats, a coyote and a bobcat, that we wanted to wear and WOW did we ever get the looks and also some compliments.  They sure did help to keep the head warm. 
Before the game I was playing with the cameras settings and actually took this next picture totally by mistake but I think it came out kinda cool.  I had turned it on panoramic not really sure what it would do and this is what I got.  I love it when the planes fly over!!
Okay, now to the rest of the days story.
On the drive home we kinda got into a situation with a deer.  There was no avoiding this one!!
Of course I was not real happy with the result but at least no one was hurt and my car can be fixed.  It was quite an ending to a great weekend.  I have a vacation day today and my plan was to relax and start decorating the house for Christmas but now I get to go to town and see the insurance guy and then head to the garage to turn over my keys to the body repair man.