Saturday, August 9, 2008

Canning for Dummies

It all started when Chris decided that he wanted to have some pickled asparagus for his Bloody Marys. The crazy things I do for LOVE!! I have never canned in my life so I called someone who I "thought" would be an expert. She replied, "Yes, I know how to can things!" So we started with making some Margaritas. After that it all went downhill. We made the brine and poured it over the asparagus. Then Julie said, "HMMM, I think we should have boiled the water first before the brine was over the asparagus?" We made our second Margarita. Then I had an idea that maybe we could make some dilly beans too. So I walked to the garden to pick some green beans. Poured brine over beans. Then we waited 1/2 hour for the bath water to boil. We put in the 2 quart jars of asparagus then had to wait 5 minuites to put in beans. Julie realized she could not find her tong grabber thing so we just dropped the bean jar in the bath. We heard a POP and thought Oops something is wrong.
After waiting 5 more minutes we took out the jars with salad tongs and this is what we found. The asparagus jars were in tact but they do not look real good, kind of cloudy. Chris can sample them later.
We decided not to let the beans go to waste so I fished them out with the salad tongs. They taste like beans but with a little pickle juice on them.
I guess I picked the wrong sister for this task.