Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Saturday started with me packing away the winter snowman's.  See ya next year!

Sunday started with me washing sheets and towels to hang on the clothesline.  Do you see that sun porch on the back of the house?  That is where I will be spending the rest of the day! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are you up for the challenge?

 A few days ago Deb posted a picture of the inside of her refrigerator which was quite interesting.  She also challenged others to do the same and take a picture of the inside of the fridge and post about it.  I took the picture that morning but have not had a chance to post it until now. 

Here it is............EMPTY!!
My refrigerator looks like this allot.  I'm not sure why but even when I come home from grocery shopping it still looks like this.  Most of the food we buy goes into the pantry or the freezer.  Now to what is in my fridge.

Top shelf:
~Some yummy breadsticks just waiting for leftovers.
~Gotta love those prunes.  They taste good and.....well you know.
~Coleslaw dressing.  Love coleslaw!  It's a vegetable right?
~Some pickled fish behind that.  Been there so long I'm afraid to look at it too close.
Middle Shelf:
~Mandarin oranges for salads.  I love a lettuce salad with chicken strips and mandarin oranges.
~Dairy-Some cheese spreads and sour cream.
Bottom Shelf:
~My favorite spot is to the left.  This is where the wine bottle and the old fashioned mix goes.
~Tomato juice, I do not drink this but Chris loves it.
~Pickled eggs...yuck!  These have also been there too long.
~Left over meat scraps for the dog.
Drawers and Doors:
~Eggs, I think there is a few left in the box.  We usually only eat eggs on the weekends.
~Milk for my cereal.  I have to have breakfast or I do not function.
~Buttermilk for scones.  YUM!!!
~Too many condiments to mention.  Chris is all about toppings.

So, there you have it.  Not too exciting but now it's your turn to meet the challenge and post something that you normally would not.  Maybe next month I will post a picture of the junk drawer?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heaven on a Saturday Morning

Check out what I got for the sun porch......
I purchased this chair at an awesome sale this past week.  I LOVE IT in this space.  I could not wait for the weekend so I could sit in my new chair on Saturday morning with my book and read while the sun was coming up. 

Thank you girls!!!  I can't wait for the next sale.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Year ago!!

Okay I'll bite on the one year ago pity party. 
Here is what I posted on my blog one year ago.  This is so wrong!!! 

When is this winter going to be over so I can climb into bed with fresh sheets and come out of the shower with these wonderful smelling towels???

Monday, February 21, 2011

Young Love!!

Oh the feeling to be young and in love.... 

We attended a wedding this past weekend where the bride and groom made being in love look so natural and easy.  We have waited for this wedding for a long time and as expected we had a great time.  I know that they will have a long and wonderful life together.  Congratulations Mitch and Misti!!

At the dinner table we sat with Megan and Jordy.
There was some time to kill while we waited for our table to be called to go up and get our food.  
What to do to pass this time??
Spoons of course!
This is not as easy as it looks. 

The love that Chris and I have grows stronger as each year passes.  Spending time with Megan and Jordy reminds me of when we were young.