Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 1 of Kitchen Remodel

The sun came in thru the kitchen window bright and early on the first day of our kitchen remodel. We were ready for a long day ahead and boy was it ever.
We got alot done on the first day, so here are the results...

Here is the wall that is coming down!!!
Chris and I got everything moved out before our contractor guy arrived.

Chris and Paul got to work removing the sofit in the kitchen. I think Chris thought he was a monkey hangin from the ceiling.

Here is the wall, or where the wall used to be I should say.

Since this is a supporting wall we had to put this big beam in the ceiling. I went upstairs to make a phone call to the appliance company and was only gone about five minutes so I did not get pictures of them lifting this into the ceiling. I'm sure there was alot of gruntin' going on.

Here is the room all open with one of the support beams that will come down on the sides of this kitchen island. The room is sssoooo big.

That's all for now.
I have to get back to work before the guys find out what I am doing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let the FUN Begin

This past weekend we actually started our Kitchen Remodel project. After several weeks of planning and purchasing of new things the actual work has begun.
Here is a picture of the kitchen before. Very dark and 70ish. I tried to spruce it up with some color a few years ago which satisfied me for a while but I always knew that I wanted to have the whole kitchen re-done.

Here is what we had after only a short time of Demo on Saturday morning.
Thank you to Paul, Mike and Megan for all of your help. We found out that it really does not take long to tear things apart but we are in for a few weeks of remodeling. This was not our first day of demo either.
You can see I was very excited with all the room I have in the kitchen with the cupboards gone.

Next week we will start the major demo and will be tearing down all of the sofit and this wall that you see where the stove and refrigerator were will also be gone.

After the demo was done, this is how I spent the majority of the rest of my weekend...
Painting!! (and a little drinking beer also)
I really don't mind all of the painting because I know that I am going to love the end result.
To all of you who voted on leaving the cabinets with the oak finish, I am sorry to say, I will be painting them. Trust me, you will love the end result.
I will keep you all posted with the progress.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meg The Singer

Anyone who knows Megan, knows that she loves to sing and she is good at it too. Now that she is grown up she does not sing as much as she used to. When she was living at home she used to sit up in her bedroom and sing for hours. I don't know if she knew this but I would mute the tv and just sit there and listen to her sing. Maybe it's just because I am her mom but in my opinion she is one of the best singers I have ever heard. She has brought tears of joy and admiration to my eyes so many times when I have listened to her sing. I wish I could sing like her.
This picture was taken of Megan when she was about two years old. She started way back then by pretending that she was a singer. She would move her lips and sway her head from side to side and pretend to sing. No sound would actually come out of her mouth. It was so funny. Several years down the road she was about elleven or twelve she wanted to learn to sing the National Anthem at the race track. I know how the song goes but again I just don't have the sound like she did. We worked on it for several weeks and I kept having her sing over and over. We would tape record it and play it back, then do it again. She never gave up and was determined to get it right. I loved her determination and she still has it today.
This picture is her Senior year in high school when she sang at the "Taste of Hollywood" show. She sang Amazing Grace for us at our family Christmas a few years ago and it was beautiful.
I don't think she sings very much lately, she has been too busy with working and school. I'm sure that once she is settled into her life she will sing again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Chris and I are doing a Kitchen Makeover/Remodel and the questions have already begun. Here are a few pictures that I have taken and I need advise... Please comment...

Here is a picture of the cabinet door after I had sanded. Chris likes the natural wood look and the cabinets are oak, but I had planned on glazing the cabinets. Chris is trying to change my mind of course.
Here is a picture of the cabinets the way they look now.... Very dark.

Here is a picture of the sanded cabinet with a sample of the flooring that we bought, which is very light in color....
Now here is a picture of how I want the cabinets to look. I was thinking of going a little darker with the base color so they are not too light. What do you all think?? Please comment.