Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 1 of Kitchen Remodel

The sun came in thru the kitchen window bright and early on the first day of our kitchen remodel. We were ready for a long day ahead and boy was it ever.
We got alot done on the first day, so here are the results...

Here is the wall that is coming down!!!
Chris and I got everything moved out before our contractor guy arrived.

Chris and Paul got to work removing the sofit in the kitchen. I think Chris thought he was a monkey hangin from the ceiling.

Here is the wall, or where the wall used to be I should say.

Since this is a supporting wall we had to put this big beam in the ceiling. I went upstairs to make a phone call to the appliance company and was only gone about five minutes so I did not get pictures of them lifting this into the ceiling. I'm sure there was alot of gruntin' going on.

Here is the room all open with one of the support beams that will come down on the sides of this kitchen island. The room is sssoooo big.

That's all for now.
I have to get back to work before the guys find out what I am doing.

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DEB said...

Wow does that look different with the wall gone.