Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I know, I know, It's about time!

So I have been hearing from alot of people that I need to make a post on my kitchen progress.
We actually found these stools about 2 weeks ago. Chris heard about this sale and we went online and looked at them. He went to the store a few days later.
Picture this.. Chris in the store looking at stools all by himself. He finds them then pulls one down to take a seat and see if they are actually comfortable to sit on. Then he starts walking around the store to find something that is the same height as our countertops. After he finds something he goes back to the stools and takes one and starts to walk thru the store carrying the stool. He gets to the counter/table and takes a seat. Leaning on the counter, making himself comfortable and trying to decide if these stools will pass his test. Well he decides that they will fit his standards of comfort and then purchases them.
I don't think I would have gone thru all of that if I was by myself. I would have looked at them, maybe took a seat for about 30 seconds then said okay I will buy them. I usually am pretty quick to make a decision but Chris on the other hand has to think out every possible angle. I think maybe that is why we blend so well together.