Monday, September 8, 2008

Megans 20th Birthday!

I can't believe she is twenty?! Seems like just yesterday I was reading her bedtime stories and playing barbies. I did by the way ask her today if she wanted me to read her a bedtime story. She said, "No thanks mom." Here she is with her birthday gift and yes, that is a pair of camouflage hunting boots. She has really grown to be her fathers daughter. When Chris first suggested the hunting boots I was not so sure. But she loves them!! I guess I will just have to think that she will at least have warm feet when she is sitting in a tree for hours on end just waiting for the big buck to walk under her tree.
Here Megan is practicing her aim.

When we invited Megan and Jordy over for a cookout birthday dinner the first thing Megan said was, "Mom are you going to make me a birthday cheesecake?" I said sure but she was going to have to take home the leftovers. I love cheesecake and I don't need to have that thing in my house. I forgot to buy candles so I just stuck a tealight candle on the cake. Another year is gone and Chris and I could not be happier with Megan and the wonderful girl she has grown up to be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Traditions

This year we continued our Labor Day tradition of going up north for the weekend. The lake's water is too low to spend any time on the water so we made our own fun. A few years ago we found a Lawn Jart game in Mike's garage that was left by the previous owner. This new/old game has turned into somewhat of an obsession for some people. In past years we played all day long and the winners of the game got to keep playing like holding the pool table at a bar. This got a little boring for some of us who were not the best players. Last year someone came up with the idea to have a tournament. This tournament has become the center of the whole weekend, along with alot of eating and drinking of course.
The competition got pretty intense in the championship game. Mitch had to lend his expertise judging capabilities. After much discussion it was decided who, if anyone would receive any points on this round. The championship game went into extra innings with many close calls. It was played by partners, Chris and Sara and partners Mike and Al. Mike and Al came out the winners in the end. Here they are displaying their winning trophy!

This weekend has grown over the years to beome a big event for us. It seems like our home away from home stay-cation. We are joined by neighbors and relatives from far and near. Who would have guessed that Lawn Jarts could draw such a large crew of spectators. When the end of the weekend came and we all gathered around the campfire. Mike has again displayed one of his many talents in designing a campfire ring. I told Mike I would take some pictures and show some of my friends and maybe make some sales for him. If you are interested in one of these campfire rings just let me know and I will give you the details.