Monday, September 8, 2008

Megans 20th Birthday!

I can't believe she is twenty?! Seems like just yesterday I was reading her bedtime stories and playing barbies. I did by the way ask her today if she wanted me to read her a bedtime story. She said, "No thanks mom." Here she is with her birthday gift and yes, that is a pair of camouflage hunting boots. She has really grown to be her fathers daughter. When Chris first suggested the hunting boots I was not so sure. But she loves them!! I guess I will just have to think that she will at least have warm feet when she is sitting in a tree for hours on end just waiting for the big buck to walk under her tree.
Here Megan is practicing her aim.

When we invited Megan and Jordy over for a cookout birthday dinner the first thing Megan said was, "Mom are you going to make me a birthday cheesecake?" I said sure but she was going to have to take home the leftovers. I love cheesecake and I don't need to have that thing in my house. I forgot to buy candles so I just stuck a tealight candle on the cake. Another year is gone and Chris and I could not be happier with Megan and the wonderful girl she has grown up to be.

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