Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Honey

Have you ever bought a new grill that you had to assemble?  Well that is what I got for Chris for his birthday this year and we were slightly intimidated when we laid out all of the pieces.  
This picture is only about half of the pieces.
We started out slow, having to take apart some of our steps after later realizing that they just did not look right.  I was reading the instructions and Chris was assembling.  We had some pretty good teamwork going.
After a while things moved along smoothly and we realized it was not going to be as bad as we had initially thought.  It was worth staying up past our bedtime to get it done.  I did not go to bed until after 9:30!!
 Here is my Grillmaster with his new toy.  The grill is half gas and half charcoal.  
Did I mention he loves to grill out for me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unwelcome Houseguest

I was woken up early Saturday morning by a noise in the bedroom.  As long as I was awake I got up to go to the bathroom.  After getting back in bed I started to ponder on what the noise was that woke me.  Was it Chris snoring or breathing?  If I heard it again now that I was more awake maybe I could figure out what it was.  Well, I did hear it again but I wish I hadn't.  I still did not know what it was though.  It was a flopping kind of noise.  I was wide awake now and had my ears and eyes on alert.  That is when it happened...something went right past my face and I could feel the brush of the air as it went by me!!  The room had just enough light that I could see, It was a bat!!!  What I did next was purely instinct, I took my hand and slammed it into Chris' back and screamed, "There is a bat in the room!!"  He woke with a loud grunt, I think I kinda hit him a little too hard.  Oops :(  At first he did not believe me.  He said I must have been dreaming.  After all we have lived in this house for over 13 years and never had a bat yet.  We laid there talking about it and if it had really happened.  Then it came back and Chris saw it fly over the bed.  He yelled out, "Holly Crap, it's a bat!!"  Now neither one of us wanted to get out from under the covers.  "What are we going to do?" we said.  All of the sudden Chris jumped out of bed like a flash of lightening, ran out of the room and slammed the bedroom door shut, leaving me in the room and not knowing if the bat was in the room or not.  I screamed and jumped up running for the door.  After we had decided that the bat was not in the bedroom we shut the door.  Next we went to the second bedroom and then the bathroom, checked it and then shut the doors.  We need to have a plan!!  How does one get a bat out of the house?  We armed ourselves with a towel and a pillowcase from the bathroom closet.  We bantered over who would go down the steps first and turn on the lights.  I lost that battle and ran down to turn on the lights then ran back up to my spot on the floor.  That is when we had our first view of the intruder.  He was circling around the room!!  Chris said it looked like the bat was doing hot laps.  Again, more talking back and forth..who would go in first?  Again up he jumped like that streak of lightning.  He crouched on the floor waiting for the bat to come around.  Up he jumped and took a swing with the towel, missed.  He did this over and over until he hit it a few times.  The bat would lay on the floor but then jump up and start the hot laps all over again.   This went on for a while as I laid on the floor of the upstairs hallway in my safe spot.  Then he yelled for me to come with the pillowcase.  I came running down and we brushed it into the pillowcase and Chris ran out the door with it.  He threw it out the door and into the lawn. 

During the whole process we were screaming and laughing all at the same time.  I hope that this NEVER happens again but it sure is quite a story.

I had no time to grab a camera to take pictures of the intruder but I am sure you all would agree with me, I would not want to look at a picture of him anyway.  EEEEEWWWW!!