Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Wrong!!!

I know this was wrong on so many levels but you know what, it sure did taste good. 
Chris decided that he wanted to have some chicken wings so we did some research on the internet and this was the recipe we found, "Sweet and Spicy Wings."  Of course since there was a little bit of kick we had to have a side dish of a great Old Fashion.  I guess some of you will be seeing me in the gym some extra hours after this meal. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Forgotten Closet Treasures

I have been doing some cleaning and came across a few boxes of what I like to call "Closet Treasures."

There were 4 boxes of stories and art projects from Megan's school days.  It seems like it was yesterday that  she was getting off the school bus and running down the driveway with a new art project to show me and her Dad.  I thought I would share this one that I thought was a real treasure.
If your eyes are going bad, like mine, here is the story in a close up so you can read better. 
Megan is only 21 now so it's not that this was a real long time ago, but it still feels good to read her stories of what she was thinking back then.  

If you are a Mom or Dad with little kids, please make sure you save these treasures so you to look back at them some day.  These treasures and memories will last forever.

 Love ya Meg

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning

I love an early Sunday morning and the sun is shining and the clothesline full of towels and sheets.  

I can't help but thinking about going to bed tonight in those fresh smelling sheets.