Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Canoe Ride

We decided to go for a canoe ride today.  The weather was perfect. 
The water was high so we could just stroll along down the river.
There was an eagle that was following us down the river.  We got a few good pictures of him.

I love this last picture that I got of the eagle just sitting at the top of this dead tree.

This is the last picture that my camera took.  Shortly after this picture we came upon some rapids.  We hit a rock and the canoe dumped me and Chris into the river.  It all happened so fast there was no time to react.  The next thing I knew I was in the water trying to stop myself from going down the river.  The water was only about waist deep but it was fast.  I stared grabbing things from the water the had come out of the canoe.  The first thing that came to my hands was a Ziploc bag with my camera and cell phone in it.  I knew immediately that the these things were never going to work again but I grabbed the bag anyway.  Next I started to grab oars that were floating by me.  I kept looking back at Chris to see if he was okay.  What a guy, he was fighting the fast water and trying to hang onto the canoe so it didn't go down the river.  By this time the canoe was completely full of water.  I will never know how he hung onto that thing but I'm sure glad he did. 
Of course the whole time this was going on we were laughing.  Our good friends Paul and Nellie were in another canoe and they made it through without a scratch.  

So we fell into the river but thank God that nothing bad happened.
We may have lost a few small items but we had a great time and will do it again soon.  Maybe I should invest in one of those waterproof bags.  Oh, and next time we will not take our shoes off, we lost those too.