Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Honey

Have you ever bought a new grill that you had to assemble?  Well that is what I got for Chris for his birthday this year and we were slightly intimidated when we laid out all of the pieces.  
This picture is only about half of the pieces.
We started out slow, having to take apart some of our steps after later realizing that they just did not look right.  I was reading the instructions and Chris was assembling.  We had some pretty good teamwork going.
After a while things moved along smoothly and we realized it was not going to be as bad as we had initially thought.  It was worth staying up past our bedtime to get it done.  I did not go to bed until after 9:30!!
 Here is my Grillmaster with his new toy.  The grill is half gas and half charcoal.  
Did I mention he loves to grill out for me.


Rita said...

Wow!! That is really a big piece of cookware!!!!Bet you can get a whole hog on that one,huh. When is he gonna test it???

Jules said...

You went to bed so late you almost turned into a pumpkin.....

Deb said...

We did that last year! It is definitely a two person project. So when are you breaking it in? :)