Monday, April 6, 2009

New Flooring

Today it was back to work for Chris and I. Wait a minute, we have been working like crazy the past week. What a way to spend our vacation!! It was well worth it. I said it was nice to come back to work just to relax and take it easy.
No more yelling...
"Has anyone seen my hammer? I know I just had it!"
"Do you have that painting done yet?"
"Is this day over yet?"
Just kidding, we all worked well together and we did get alot done. There is still alot to do yet but the major things are in place. It will be a few more weeks before it will be totally done.
We have not even ordered our counter-tops yet.
Stop over and take a look, you will not beleive the difference!
Here is another picture of the new wood floor. I really do love it. This is just one of my favorite things in the new kitchen. I initially wanted a darker color but the character and different colors/designs are very beautiful.
It is maple if anyone was wondering.


DEB said...

Hey everyone go and check out this new kitchen. I was there yesterday and it looks great! I've heard there is a celebration in the works for when its all done.

Jules said...

i love it