Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pills and more pills

I remember the days when I did not have any aches and pains and did not have to take pills every day. Let me start this by saying, I am very thankful that I do not have any major medical issues that I have to take a pile of pills every day. I do however take some daily pills. Last week I went to my yearly exam and found quite a change from last year. Last year I was told that I was pre-diabetic, pre-sleep apnia, high cholesterol but not high enough to get put on medication. I was told this could all be fixed if I would just.... here it goes.... lose weight. Like I haven't heard that one before? So my loving sister gives me this diet to go on and I say I will give it a try. I print off one cycle of meals and never do a single one. I say to myself, this is too hard. Then I go to a sleep lab to check out what is wrong with me, "Why am I so tired?!!" After a very long process the doctor tells me, "Patti, you are a very tired gal!" I say, "NO CRAP? That is why I am here!" The doctor diagnosis, I need to go on a stimulant to keep me awake. Yikes I don't want to take Ridilin!! I ask to doctor what else can I do and she says the old phrase, "Lose weight." This is the last straw. I call Julie up and ask her about the diet again, which is working quite well for her I might add. To date I have lost 28 poounds and heres the drum roll.... I am no longer high cholesterol, no longer at risk for diabetes and Chris says I have stopped snoring. Hallelujah!! I still do howere take my daily vitamins and calcium pills. Sorry Dad, the doctor says I don't drink enough milk. And everyone needs the bottle of Advil for those old aches and pains.


Jules said...
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Jules said...

woooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!