Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brewers Game

We went to a Brewers Game a while ago. They WON!!! Thank's to Paul and Lynn for asking us to go with them when they won 4 tickets. It was alot of fun. Chris and I love to watch the games and love even more to go to the games. Even if you are not a fan of baseball, just give it a try maybe you will find out that you like it. I know I used to think that the baseball games were so boring but once you get to learn things about the game and the players it is not so bad.
Here is a picture of my "Hart!" He seams like such a cool guy. I wish I could meet him someday. What is up with his hair this year? One day he is blonde and then he comes along with this dark hair, yuck. Like I said this game was a while ago and he has since changed his hair again, now he has gone to a partial shaved head.
Here we are at the game. Don't you love my Brewers Beads??

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