Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bike Crazy

Here is a picture of what has been taking up most of Chris and my time. Hey, Connie, remember when we used to ride bike all the time? The old "Ten Speeds." I remember when Connie went flying over the handlebars once right onto the highway. That was not very fun.
I never was much for riding bike, butt always hurts, back hurts, legs hurt... What was the point of it all anyway? Well.... Chris talked me into trying it again and now I am hooked. I was kinda dissapointed the other day when I asked Chris if he was ready to go for a ride and he said that we shouldn't go cuz it was too hot outside! He didn't want me to get heat stoke I guess. We ride almost every evening after supper. The other day we rode at sunset and that was really cool. I should have had my camera along!! Last Friday we rode down the rail trail from Medford to Pot Belly then drank some beer, ate supper and rode back in the dark! Isn't it crazy the things you try as you get older just to make your life more exciting?
Does anyone else do this or is it just me?


Connie said...

I still have the scar on my arm and knee from that crash.... how did I get off the highway anyway, it must have taken me awhile. I guess that highway wasn't half that busy back then, thank goodness.

About the biking thing and then riding in the dark.... I'm thinking NO. I can bearly walk from the garage to the house in the dark and you want me to ride on some trail with skunks and bear and creepy people hiding in the bushes.... hey that reminds me of when we were camping and we dressed up a dummy and hung him by the outdoor bathrooms and linched him as people were walking in the dark.... how mean was that we scared the crap out of people.

Rita said...

So that's what you two are up too!!-My back hurts just thinking of bike riding.I've been missing you on the blog page, next time don't stay away so long. Now that you and Connie have confessed, makes me wonder what else you kids got into.

Anonymous said...

Andy and I bought bikes two years ago and we loved going for bike rides. I never used to even own a bike, but we have lots of fun...although, we haven't gone at all this spring/summer. I don't think my balance would be great with this big belly :)