Saturday, February 28, 2009

Outhouse Race

Today was the Third Annual Outhouse Race in Perkinstown. What Wisconsin people will do on a cold winter day!? Well this year Chris pushed again for Northwoods Archers and they came in second with a time of 1:13. (That's one minute and thirteen seconds) First place came in with a time of 1:01. It may not look hard but some of the people after the race just fall on the ground and lay in the snow to try and catch their breath. Some of them even threw-up! This may have been because of a few beverages before they ran?
Here they are with their trophy. Nice huh! It is a little outhouse and a roll of toilet paper.
They also took 1st for the fastest team over 40!
After the race we all went inside a big tent that they had there and there was a new game that none of us had ever seen before. Here stood a girl holding a mouse in her hands and then people walked around and sold paddles for a buck.
After all of the paddles were sold she put the mouse under this cover and they spun the table around and then took off the cover.
Whichever space the mouse ran into won the prize.
Again, What we Wisconsin people will do on a cold day to keep busy.


Emmerichs Events said...

Looks like fun. We saw one of the outhouses on our way out of town to visit Jenn - It looked like a helicopter. I guess we have to do something when it gets cold.

Connie said...

John wanted to go to this but we got company....darn we coulda had some fun.

Miss ya!