Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garage Sale Mishap

If you have ever had a garage sale then you should know that they are quite interesting.
From people watching, my personal favorite, to broken bones??  
We had a garage sale this past week and it sure is a lot of work to get everything together.  We make some okay money and then get to purge all that stuff from the house that is just taking up space in the closets.

Now let me apoligize to all of you now for those people that hate to look at feet but I just had to show the result of our garage sale mishap.  
Here is the story....  The garage sale customers got a little crazy.  We had a special sale item and two women got into a little brawl over it.  Someone had to step in before things got too far out of hand and I just had to take care of it.  Before I knew what was happening I was thrown to the floor!!  A while later after things had settled down I noticed a throbbing feeling in my toe, took off my shoe and noticed that it had started to swell. 

Just kidding, the real story is that the garage sale was going so well that we had to reconfigure our setup.  
I had a little problem operating the appliance cart. 


Photos by Julee said...

oh my gosh Patti....that looks awful! Very painful...

Isaac said...

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June said...

See... I wouldn't find it one bit surprising if a couple women started fighting over an item at a garage sale.
But that does look painful - Ouch!