Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowshoe Day

A few days ago we spent the afternoon snowshoeing with some friends. We walked on the Ice Age Trail back into Lake Eleven.

The guys went in the day before and gathered some firewood for a small fire to get warm. They also brought back some refreshments and some food. We grilled out, drank some wine and talked up some tall tales. We stayed at our little fire until it was almost dark then put on our head lamps and walked out in the dark. It was fun to walk out in the dark but I wish the moon had been out a little. I only fell down once on the way out.
It is a little different walking in the dark.

We had beautiful weather and great company. I was a little sore the next day but definitely worth it. It is great to go out and enjoy the outdoors in Wisconsin but at the same time, I also am wishing for warmer weather. Spring where are you???


Deb said...

We went this weekend too. Spring will come soon enough and then you'll wish you could go shoeing just one more time.

Jules said...

Glad it was fun. I would have been scared out there in the dark...

Beth said...

We live in Va. and my 9 year old son always talks about wanting to try out snow shoes!!
Neat post.