Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Summer Vacation 2008

We went on vacation this summer. We started out our vacation in Tomahawk at Mike's on June 28th. After one day there we drove to The Big Elk and spent some time with Bruce and Pam. Watched the Nascar race and the Brewers game. Chris wishes we had two TV's at home to watch both at the same time. Later that day we drove to a friends cabin to spend a few days. We went canoeing down the river. It was a very relaxing day. Chris had to do some fishing from the canoe. Chris, Lauren, and Tracy caught alot of fish.
We continued our vacation at Chris' sisters Mona's house in Oshkosh. This was on July 4th. From their back yard we could see the fireworks of quite a few neighboring towns. There were fireworks in almost every direction that you looked. The next morning we drove to Milwaukee and went to a Brewers game. I was not very happy on the way there because I discovered that I forgot my camera in my suitcase at Mona's house. We had a great time at the game. Brewers WON!!! It was an excellent vacation!!


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